Why Give to CYJ?

CYJ was founded in 1939 to provide a safe, nurturing space of Jewish learning and fun in the great outdoors. We nurture lifelong friendships and a connection to Israel and Jewish heritage, history and culture.

In today’s world, it’s hard for children to maintain strong or meaningful anchors to Jewish identity. They’re less connected to the natural world and rarely play outdoors. They spend hours tethered to devices, going online, playing video games or texting. CYJ provides a unique and important opportunity for campers and staff to bond with others from a rich variety of Jewish backgrounds and participate in a full range of activities in a digital-free, beautiful, rustic environment.

CYJ is legendary for the connections people make here. Marriages, lifelong friendships, business partnerships…they all began at Camp Young Judaea. CYJ isn’t just a place, it’s a family.

But we now need you, as a member of our family, to help continue the legacy of CYJ for generations to come. Help us continue to do the amazing work of providing memorable experiences for Jewish children. CYJ is a non-profit organization operated by Friends of Young Judaea.

  • We are not affiliated with or funded by any organization or institution.

  • We welcome campers of all Jewish denominations.

  • We are one of very few non-profit independent Jewish camps in the United States.

We’re tiny, but our dreams are mighty!

If you’re interested in information about naming rights, legacy gifts or other ways to support our goals, please contact directors Marcy Kornreich or Jamie Marks at 781 237-9410 or at info@cyj.org.

OTHER Ways To Give

CYJ Scholarship Fund

More and more families, including alumni, simply can’t afford to send their children to CYJ — or limit their stays with us to two weeks or one session only, instead of a full summer of the CYJ experience. Many can’t even consider sending their children on our Gadna Israel Trip program because of the cost. For those that need financial assistance, your donation will help assist families make a CYJ experience for their children a reality, defray some of the cost of the Gadna Israel trip for members of our camp family and help establish our “B’yachad” program, to enable more Israeli campers to come to CYJ. To donate to the CYJ Scholarship fund, please use the blue “donate” button on this page.

Help make more memories deep in the hills of New Hampshire

CYJ Building Fund

In 2017, we completed renovations to Girls’ Area, building new bunks and modern amenities retaining the rustic quality that makes CYJ, CYJ. However, camp has more than 40 facilities, many that date back to the 1940s and 1950s. We constructed new tennis courts for Summer 2019 and are planning to break ground for two new bunks in Boys Area for the Summer of 2020. The dining hall, which was built in 1993, needs replacement. Other building projects that we would like to undertake include construction of a new indoor gym facility, a new Arts and Crafts building and a new Infirmary/Health Center. To donate to the CYJ Building Fund, use the blue “donate” button on this page.

Help shape CYJ’s future

CYJ Moreshet Legacy Society

As you plan for the future, you can support CYJ with gifts that don’t impact the way you live by designating CYJ to receive assets in the future. 

A legacy gift of any size can be designed to match your personal circumstance. Legacy gifts can be made through charitable bequests, an outright gift, a charitable trust, IRAs, life-insurance policies, named endowment funds and more. Consult with your personal advisors to determine the most appropriate legacy gift you can make.

Plan for your CYJ family’s future