Thank you For Helping Making Memories Deep in the Hills of New Hampshire Possible.

We are grateful to all our donors for helping to provide scholarships to families to who would otherwise be unable send their children to CYJ.  
This list reflects annual donations made between November 28, 2016 and January 31, 2017:

Donations Made in memory or in honor of...

Joshua Baer: In honor of my parents Linda and Bob Baer who had the wisdom to send me to CYJ!
Carole Balin and Michael Gertzman: In honor of the best camp in the world and all who made it so!

The Breen Family: In honor of The Breen Family
Andrea Malkin Brenner and Rick Brenner: In honor of Talia and Caleb Brenner
Benjamin Broad: In honor of the engagement Abie and Kayla!
Rob Carr: In honor of Leo Tomkoshi
Jennifer and John Chisholm: In honor of Bette & Marty Shapiro
Julie Curhan Cottineau: In honor of Rabbi Marcus Burstein
Natan Edelsburg: In honor of Daled 03
Randy & Robyn Elkinson: In honor of Rachel Elkinson
Julie Finn: In honor of Jacey and Noah Finn
William and Jane Goodman: In honor of CYJ summer memories!
Howard and Barbara Gorney: In celebration of Abby and Marissa Savner, third generation YJ campers
Marcy Kornreich: In honor of Ken Kornreich and Jamie Marks
Patti and Lou Kornreich: In honor of Marcy and Ken Kornreich
Jamie Segill Marks and Stephen Marks: In memory of Lynda Marks
Seth Nable: In honor of Phyllis Gallant
Jennifer Savner: In honor of Abby and Marissa Savner..3rd Generation Campers!
Corey and Carolyn Schwartz: In honor of Abie Rubin and Kayla Kornreich's Engagement!
Tamara Schwartz: In honor of Ben, Sam and Zach Schwartz
Debra and Mark Shear: In memory of Allan Clebnik
Amy Shulman: In honor of Alyssa and Ross
Janet Marshall Smith: In honor of 36 years of friendship with Lori Friedman Ingber
Jason Taich: In honor of Kayla and Abie's Engagement!
Stephen Weinstein: In honor of the Kornreich family and their dedication to CYJ
Stephanie and Adam Weitzman: In honor Keri Bisaga and Mark's 9th Grade Team of teachers
Stephanie and Adam Weitzman: In honor of Nance Miller and her entire team at Rec Place

General Contributions

Bobby and Jana Baker
Sheryl and David Barron
Karen Bobek
Haldon, Arlene, Benjamin and Jason Bryer
Rebecca Goldberg Cantor and Max Cantor
The Carr Family
Craig & Rachel Cohen
Rabbi Eric Cohen
Scott and Ina Cohen
Jeff and Tim Cohen-Laurie
Dana and Matt Cutter
Julie Dananberg
Ellen Eisner and Raul Nieves
Casey Faiman
Paul Finger
Leah Finkelman
Craig Fishman
Dan Fishman
Garrett and Julie Friedman
Jay Fund and Adrienne Robb-Fund

Janette and Richard Gee
Candy Feldman Gould
Madison Greenstein
Ali Levin Hall
Wendy and Steven Handler
Marni (Wiadro) and Jason Israel
Karen Glou Joseph
Alan Kaplan
Deena Kaye
Amy Farman Klinger and Family
Kenneth Kornreich
Gary and Lauren (Potischman) Kracoff
Marc Krichavsky
Andrew Levine
Buddy Levine
Joshua Levine
Sally Kaplan Levy and Bruce Levy
Benjamin Lichtman
Caroline Maguire
Laura Markowitz

Carol and Rabbi David A. Mersky.
Richard Speyer
Bonnie Levine Rodman
Alex and Stefanie Seldin
Mark and Marlene Senders
Lisa and Ken Shapiro
Amy, Stuart, Jeremy, Bari, Eric & Anne Sherman
Rhonda Cohen Silverman & Steve Silverman
Sanford Spitzer and Gloria Spitzer
Jacqueline and Jonathan Stahl
Ina J Strauss
Peter Thomashow
David and Ruth Cohen Titelbaum
Randi Spiegel Ungar
Stephanie and Adam Weitzman
Steven Willner
Robert Wininger
Rachel Mersky Woda and Craig Woda
Martin Wolin

We strive for accuracy in our donor list and regret any errors or omissions. If you have questions, please contact us by
phone (203) 550-2094 or email